Tuesday, June 11


situated on the lovely promenade in Cheltenham have invested into a new shop space opposite Cheltenham's train station. 

They have asked myself and RETRO PRESS 
to team up and produce vinyl artwork for the two front shop windows..


There's nothing like real life size measurements to understand what scale we were up against to fill with wonderful words and illustrations..so we taped down the two window measurements in a car park space of course! Fortunate for us the sun was shining and the local pub was still open for our well earn't pint after all our hardwork..

Obviously the artwork was going to be based on what the coffee shop offers, but as it was a company that started up in Cheltenham we wanted to have a Cheltenham theme running through the artwork. So we tried to create a race course through the illustrations and typography, with the horses ending up at the coffee shop...

window one..
 window two..

After sourcing the process and drawing up the artwork we are have now sent it to the printers! It has been a delight as ever collaborating with Retro Press, and hope to have many more collaborations in the future! This week/next week we will applying the vinyl at the shop so swing by and say hi yeah!

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