Tuesday, July 19


Just moved to London. Lovely. Currently living by Hampton Court Palace, apprently it has a maze....I am yet to find out.

Already managed to put myself through much embarrassment. Stupidly agreed to tell an awful stroy that happened to me on national tv. E4 to be exact. It will be aired in september on a show called Show and Tell hosted by the lovely Chris Addison. oh dear.

BUT I did get to live a child hood memory, always seeing outside the BBC studios at the beginning of Live & Kicking, which is exactly where I was! My friend attempted a night time photo with an awfully slow battered iphone 3 camera.

I am freelancing. I have a studio space at Cube, creative PR company in Holborn, who I also do odd bits for. I get to work with the crazy shandy loving Nina Joyce. Irish. Which is just wonderfullllll.

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